Untitled poem of grief

The scent of silver solder
Mingles with the incense that I burned earlier
And the hint of rum I’m still considering drinking
Just a little more of.
Small comforts amid great loss;
The second time in less than a month that my
Attempts at solving some long-standing issues with my cellphone
Have resulted in large amounts of
Irreplaceable, valuable data disappearing.
I had planned to get myself out of the house
Rabbit out of town and a moment
(Not nearly enough) to breathe
But I hadn’t eaten anything all day and half of the previous.
Instead of escape I found myself
Trapped by technology
Malfunctioning, unable to hail a ride
Unable to summon food delivery
Unable to get out of this miserable little hell.
It’s been nearly 6 hours now
Of trying to get anything resembling functionalaity
From this damned device
And just now I find that the partial backup I tried to make
Seems to have vanished as well.
So much for “hey, at least I haven’t completely lost everything!”
So now begins
The long, laborious process
Of reinstalling and reconfiguring
Setting up and starting over
At least I have, for now
A modicum of solitude
Plenty of liquor,
And the scent of silver solder
Mingling with incense.

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