I have really not been coping very well the last few days.

Granted, there’s been a whole shitload of unpleasant stuff to deal with, which certainly doesn’t make things easier, but I’m already at my wit’s end and desperately doing everything I can to hang on.

A little bit ago, I was going through an Instagram account with over 1000 posts of sexy ladies, scrolling though and liking the pictures. I planned to comment when I got to the bottom and thank them for giving me something worth staying around for, letting them know that I was alive because of their work.

But before I got anywhere near the bottom, Instagram blocked me from liking any posts, “to protect the community,” they claim, some actions aren’t allowed. I guess me staying alive would be harmful to someone out there…

And I’ve been dealing with idiots on Facebook, too much to even begin to describe.

And then, even here on my blog — a creep who sometimes goes by the incredibly ironic handle “Advocate,” who I had briefly known in person, who I have repeatedly tried to cut off contact with, who has repeatedly located my social media profiles, and — the last time he tried adding me on Facebook (without bothering to look at the VERY LOUD info all over my profile that says GO AWAY, DUDES! WOMEN ONLY!) I sent him a message to tell him to fuck off, to stop attempting to contact me, that I would do whatever was needed to keep him away — including, if necessary, involving Law Enforcement — and still the predatory, stalking motherfucker son of a bitch comes and comments on my blog to tell me that if I ever need a place to stay, he’ll gladly take me in… in a completely different state.

Because yeah, that’s not even slightly uncomfortable coming from an asshole who has repeatedly ignored boundaries, who can’t handle “stay away or I’ll call the cops.”

And I’m dealing with so much other shit here with The Rabbit and QotU that’s left me wanting to explode…


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