I can’t.

I fucking can’t.

I am so goddamned fucking tired… tired of the endless sensory overload, tired of never having a fucking second of privacy, not a single fucking moment to myself, so fucking exhausted of dealing with oblivious fucking idiots — so much that when I actually run into someone who’s not completely fucking incompetent I feel like endlessly praising them for being even remotely normal.

I am so fucking weary. Weary of dealing with life, worn out from trying to keep coping with all of this endless shit and I am just fed the fuck up with everything. Everything.


I need out.

I need out.

I need out.






2 Responses to “(untitled)”

  1. dreamlanddancing Says:

    Can you stop for just one moment
    to pick just one thing
    that you hate
    that wearies you
    that annoys you
    and say no
    or ignore it
    or throw it away?
    How do you swallow an elephant?
    …One bite at a time.
    Can you think of just one thing
    that you want to do
    and just do it?
    Fuck the consequences…
    for just one minute
    for an hour
    for an afternoon
    or for a day?
    One foot follows the other,
    but you have to take the first step.
    You can do it.

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