Keep me dreaming in pale blues and greens

So often in the moments when I’ve been awake too long
When mental power’s fading and I’m slipping off to sleep
I find that longing feeling drifting in and through my heart

In shades of blue that don’t exist in any conscious state
The echoes of a need I cannot name and can’t define
But still I know the call of a familiar unknown thing

I wish myself surrounded by an endless sheet of flames
And covered by a never-ending sea at the same time
If water and inferno could exist atop themselves

I cannot have the things that mind and body claim as needs
I substitute mere shadows of their ultimate demands
A light in blue, and digital effects of ocean roar

To very few these words will, I suspect, convey my mood
Those few, indeed, who know the call of ultra-blue exist
We only linger here for but a moment… and then, home.


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