Where they find a molehill, a mountain grows!

Just thinking about how it often seems that taking measures to keep yourself safe is seen as evidence that you’re doing something “bad.”

Carrying condoms or other safe sex supplies on you? You’re obviously doing sex work, and those supplies are still used as evidence of your alleged “crime” in plenty of places.

Using encryption tools on your electronic devices? You’re obviously a terrorist or a violent child rapist (the two currently-trendy bogeymen endlessly hauled out to frighten people into giving away their rights and freedoms) and the fact that you’ve used those tools is often used as evidence of your alleged wrongdoing.

Keep your money in cash stashed somewhere instead of keeping it in a bank? Use a pre-paid cheapo phone, maybe even get one that (in the U.S.) isn’t locked to a specific mobile carrier? Both of those are frequently deemed “suspicious” and pointed to as obvious indicators that you’re up to no good.

You know what I hear in all of that? I hear the echoes of a (hypothetical) abusive partner saying “If you really loved me, you wouldn’t have any boundaries, and you wouldn’t hide anything from me, and you’d let me take care of everything for you! Just trust me!” And that raises all sorts of red flags…


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