Only for a moment, and the moment’s gone.

Oh hey, here’s a cool person I’m getting to know on Facebook! Oh, and their account just got deleted.

Oh, hey, here’s this amazing Tumblr blog with content I enjoy and haven’t seen anywhere else! Oh, and it’s gone…

Oh, hey! Here’s a cute girl who is as much into me as I’m into her — and she’s even down to fuck! Oh, and she’s cut off contact and pretending to be a prude.

Oh, hey, here’s an amazing woman who gets me in so many ways, and is competent and skilled in some kinds of sex that I’ve missed out on… and she’s crushing on me! Oh, and there she goes, saying that me being honest about some of my interests is too scary for her.

Oh, hey, something good happens or comes into my life! Don’t hold your breath, it’s headed right out the door again! I hate trying to be happy or excited about anything I have, because so often it has ended in heartbreak, and ended quickly.


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