Ah, “freedom.” Well, that’s just some people talkin’.

Can’t see any fireworks from where I’m at. Can hear them, along with the boom and rattle from the movie that people are watching downstairs… home theater systems are fantastic, if you want to watch a film. Not so fantastic if you want to stay away from whatever crap is playing, because there’s not a single room in the house where you can’t hear it.

I’m alone, lonely, bored, and for the next few days there’s a man living here which means I’m even less safe than usually, at least emotionally and mentally. Oh, and of course I end up fully fucking clothed most of the time, which I HATE.

I guess this is the unfortunate contrast to just how awesome last night was. I rarely get more than a moment or two of fantastic before something crappy washes it all away.

And that fucking dog up the hill is freaking out even more than usual, no thanks to all the explosions…

I wonder who bothers worrying about all the soldiers with PTSD on this night when we’re celebrating “FUCK YEAH, ‘MURRICA!” How many veterans are sleeping on the streets tonight while the blasts in the air send a huge “fuck you for your service, we lied about that whole ‘giving a damn’ by the way” message?

I need someone to hold me through this crazy, crazy mess. Tomorrow’s going to be back to Business As Usual, I suppose, and I’ll do better then… I’d just go back to sleep but there’s no chance of that for a few hours — not with all the noise.


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