I’ve long since exhausted my supply of song lyrics that reference “home,” sorry.

I have to be up and awake and running in about 7 hours. I don’t know how much sleep I’m going to get before then. Have to be somewhere at 10am, because Tuesday at 10 is the only time that this particular housing resource thing is available, and it’s about the only resource available to me at the moment beyond my own feeble attempts at finding a place to live on a sub-poverty-level income, and I need housing.

No. I need a home. I don’t bother thinking about that very often anymore, because it’s such a vague, distant, uncertain concept that I don’t even know how to picture it. I have been wandering fo so long that I don’t know what it is to be still, though I would love to find out. I need stability in ANY aspect of my life, and I lack that. It hurts.

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One Response to “I’ve long since exhausted my supply of song lyrics that reference “home,” sorry.”

  1. Sophia, NOT Loren! Says:

    This particular “resource” was literally one guy, handing off printed copies of housing listings to the people in line, ones that he thought might fit their needs. He attempted to hand me three papers, each a hard-copy version of — I shit you not — Craigslist ads. When i declined them, he tried to reassure me that he’d “just printed them this morning!”

    Waste of a trip, and I’m still no closer to having a home than I was.

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