Closer to heaven above, and closer to you

It’s really great that the internet can connect people like never before.  How a queer kid in the rural Midwest, for example, can have the World Wide Web in their hands on a mobile device, and find other queer folks online, can chat and discuss and interact.

It’s also really shitty how the internet can only do that much, as far as connecting goes. Sure, you can find people who are like you, and get that validation that you’re not alone, that there are others like you… but this is a very large world for as close as technology brings us.

Lots of people in far-flung places across the globe who I would love to spend some face-to-face time with — or more likely body-to-body time, in many of those cases. But without lots of money and access to other resources on my part or theirs (for any particular “them” involved, and there are dozens) there’s not much beyond longing, and the disconnect of the distant connections.


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