Now all the odds are in my favor, something’s bound to begin.

August 2012. Last time I was fucked by a phallus made of flesh instead of sculpted from silicone.

January 2011. Last time anyone came inside me.

I’ve had more sex in the last year or so, more consistently, with more wonderful women, than in the entirety of my relatively short sexually active adult life, and I have several wonderful people helping me with that in the present — Lime is distant but travels on occasion, Again is around plenty, and even sometimes has had Crowbar and Pout along with.  SoCal has been a gift from… well, I wouldn’t accuse her of being from heaven, she might be offended by that — but she’s definitely been a wonderful thing in my life since she recently came into it.

With all of that, and all the associations that they have, I would hope that I can make something happen. But as it is, I’m still not getting anywhere near the amount of sex I need, let alone the kinds of sex.

But, as the title of this post references… maybe this time, I’ll be lucky.

Really wish it would happen soon.


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