Longing to sail on through the night… to the stars

“I am mercury,”
she tells me.
“I know it. I’ve been told
and often.

rising and falling
unexpected and sudden
when contained
flowing and clinging
silver and fire
when set free

stay near me too long…
you too
will go mad.”

I reply.
“You are the moon,
even when you think yourself

when you cannot recall
the light you bring
in other moments
I remember
and I wait.

or more truly
you are the tide
oceans flowing over
on your most full days
you have
so much to give
you cannot contain it all
against the highest rocks

and mist
and undertow
all means of expressing
your love

still on your empty days
I return
to dip my toes
in your quiet

to stumble lazy
through the pools
full of treasure
only to be found
in these low moments

amid the driftwood
between the seaweed
beneath the clamshells
I find a sparkling gem
or a shining coin
or a bit of brightly-colored glass

I collect these things
place them all
in my pockets
with a smile

and when
you have returned
with your fullness
as you always do
I share these small
I give these bright

back to you
to the tide
that brought them to me
I thank you
for allowing me
to find them
and I wait to see
what new treasures
will be revealed
when the tide rolls out
once more
as it always does.”

she smiles,
then pulls me close
and says
“I love you…”
I hold tight
rocking with her
with the pull
of the tide.

(for MFP)

How do you feel? (I’m lonely…)

there’s a feeling I get
searching my mind
for the song to express it
and coming up with empty measures

there’s a feeling I get
grasping at words
for analogy to convey it
but it’s almost like… I got nothin’

there’s a feeling I get
not quite “longing”
not quite “almost”
not quite “what if”
not quite “what was”

a feeling of “not quite”

where the need to express
is overabundant
and the means to express
is sorely lacking

and this feeling
is made up of the rift
between the two

I still somehow believe
that one day
I will find the song
the lyric reference
and the melody
the music that means this thing

this movement in my heart
this feeling I get


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