Rhythmic motion, raw emotion, infiltrating through

For a girl who needs sex every night, and only has some kind of encounter every couple of months or so, each moment without feels like an eternity to me.  And when some very specific needs have gone unfulfilled for a very long time, that feeling of “forever” can be overwhelming.

That said, tonight I’m less concerned with the specific number of sunrises and sunsets between the end of January 2011 and now — because for the first time since then, I’ve been properly bent over and fucked in half!

Yeah, knowing myself I’ll probably be complaining in a week or two that it’s been so long since… but as I said, the moments without feel endless.  I’ll just try to keep in mind the way my ass feels right now, and remain patient (as I so often remind myself to do) knowing that I’ll have that beautiful feeling again someday.

Thanks to a very good friend for a very good evening!  You know who you are… but for the sake of reference here, she’ll be known as “The Rec.”


One Response to “Rhythmic motion, raw emotion, infiltrating through”

  1. drunk and horny and frustrated | Σαφικος Σοφια Says:

    […] need to be taken, used, fucked, and it’s been over three years since the last even halfway decent fucking I’ve had. And, of course, that was from a woman […]

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