So if you’re near me, darling, can’t you hear me?

Something reminded me a couple of days ago about Cliff Pervocracy’s post, “Why does she stay with that jerk?” — which includes a list of reasons why someone stays in an abusive relationship.

I also thought about how, if someone has a reason to get away, it can be really hard — if they try to “drop off the grid” to avoid a person or situation that they feel isn’t safe, it may also be difficult for those who would be supportive to contact them.  Even worse, a well-meaning friend who wasn’t aware of the situation might freely give the abuser all the information needed to track them down, if, say, a call came in asking “Hey, have you seen so-and-so? When’s the last contact you had? Where are they now?”

Even if that well-meaning friend was wise to the situation, it could be a challenge to reach someone who’s intentionally made themselves hard to reach… so if a friend wanted to tip off someone like that to what’s going on, or pass along other information and maybe some sort of help, that friend might have to get creative.  Maybe the kind of creative that ends up in a blog post, with fingers crossed that the message makes it into the right hands and stays out of the wrong ones.  Maybe a blog post that looks a little bit like this one, even.

Maybe I’ll get an email or a phone call sometime soon… who knows?

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One Response to “So if you’re near me, darling, can’t you hear me?”

  1. courtneycleveland Says:

    I Love the way you write baby

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