Oh, the towering feeling!

(It would really be nice to have a “Now listening/reading/watching” deal on here…)

So! Friday night was a much-needed contrast to the way the day began. Started off with an angry guy screaming in my face and lots of unpleasant emotional pain… ended with some delightful physical pain and a beautiful woman in my arms speaking words of kindness and praise!

There was a play party at the local BDSM dungeon, and with as much shit as I’ve been dealing with lately, I knew that I needed to be there.  Had a great time, met lots of people, some potential friends, some potential play partners, and got to be the talk of the party — “Oh! That was you up there? Your ass-cheeks were such a beautiful deep shade of pink!”  Then in my mingling and chatting, I came across one woman who struck me as… well, as powerful, but more “potential energy” as opposed to kinetic.  I mean, she didn’t have to display power, it was more striking to see the power she held in reserve.  Anyway…

We were talking, this power-woman and I, and she asked me what I liked, what I wanted; I felt at ease already, having been smacked around a bit and being in that welcoming space, so I answered openly: “I’ve been craving cunnilingus, really.”

I’m so used to the almost patronizing reply from people when I express unfulfilled wishes, dreams of what I want, even lament that I’m struggling to survive and just want some peace — the “Well, things will turn out okay…” or “You’ll get what you need eventually…”  So common is that kind of “I can’t help, but I want to sound supportive” comment, that I misunderstood when this queen said in a simple, even tone, “You shall have what you desire.”

And so I did, have what I have so long desired — plenty to sate my palate that night, still little enough to leave me wanting for the next time.  Oh, and rest!  I had such a beautiful, full night of rest! Dark, quiet, peaceful, and every time I awoke and looked across to see the smooth and gentle curve of her belly, hip, thigh, I laughed to myself the reminder that I was not dreaming, and drifted off to sleep once more.

Sleep is something I ought to be doing right now, since my body is in such severe need of it right now… there’s more to write still, but it will wait until I wake!


One Response to “Oh, the towering feeling!”

  1. Sophia, NOT Loren! Says:

    And now, it seems, this Lady, this Queen, has moved to her last and largest manor. Rest well. I will cherish what you gave when I very much needed it.

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