I guess the fire didn’t get enough response, perhaps?

So, two posts ago, back on President’s Day, I talked about how we’d had a fire set in front of our house.  It was pretty creepy, but just general talk with all of you, all of my friends, got me not so freaked out and able to kinda calm down.  Calm, that is, until today.

Today [note: name redacted] (the owner of the place here) came by my room and asked if I’d “seen the driveway.”  My confused look prompted him to continue to explain that sometime yesterday some fool with a can of spray paint had marked the sidewalk in front of our driveway with “MAN?” in big, black lettering.

Now, I’m confident in who I am.  I knew when I made the decision to express the woman inside, outwardly, that not everybody would accept that, and that people would do shit like this — even my mom warned me about it.  “People will do very hateful and hurtful and often violent things to anyone who doesn’t fit neatly inside their idea of what’s normal or appropriate,” she said.  And while I accept that it’s going to happen, that doesn’t make me any less angry at the people who did it, or any less irritated that so many people have such small and insecure minds.

[note: name redacted] is working on trying to get a response from the police, and at this point is wondering whether it wouldn’t be more productive to try calling 9-1-1 and see if they’ll get the gears turning.  I think all of us living here know that this may never be “solved” in terms of finding the individual(s) responsible, but we at least hope that there’s some possibility of making it stop.

I’m including photos of the idiocy — I thought it might be useful to have some documentation and evidence of the event, so I snapped a couple shots with a camera I’ve been borrowing from [note: name redacted] (he’s the other guy living here) and have passed along a copy to [note: name redacted].


Graffiti left on the sidewalk…


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