I’ve seen — Oh! — blue skies, through the tears in my eyes… and I realize: I’m going home.

A simple post.

Last night I once again slept naked — this time not as any symbolism of newness or rebirth, but as an affirmation that it is not my clothing that identifies me, that defines who I am.  No matter how I hide or pretend, no matter what role I act for my family, I am always, deep down, that young woman inside.

I am Sophia.
Now, just the same, Scott will never leave, will never go away, will never die; I have lived and loved and learned and grown as Scott — some of my most valuable life lessons were branded deep into my soul long before I acknowledged Sophia to be there, and I cannot — I will not — burn those years of my life, no matter how trying they were, no matter how often I wish to forget them.

For better or worse, through my most joyous and most painful times, I will not forget myself as the young man I was… and still am.

I am Scott.


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