People stared at the makeup on his face…

So, it was supposed to happen Friday and didn’t, for various reasons, but today I met a girl who my friend Witness knows; she had offered her time and resources and knowledge some time back, to help me with any questions and advise me toward my goals of a more feminine lifestyle.  Witness and I spent some time visiting with [note: name redacted], or at least I did — Witness had gotten snagged to fix electronics for them.

Along with discussion, [note: name redacted] gave me several basic cosmetics to get me started beyond the great eyeshadow I already had (Thanks Pouf & Baby Hipster!) including a couple tubes of mascara, never used, a small or possibly sample container of foundation, an eyeliner/eyebrow pencil, a few makeup brushes, and some foam pads/applicators/etc. and even a small bag to store and carry everything in — black with red trim, as if she’d hand-picked it for me (or the Mother had Her hand in things, perhaps?)

Of course after getting home, I had to try it all out — and so I did!  I was impressed by the difference that filling in and defining my eyebrows made… but that was nothing compared to the WOW that just a little mascara gave my lashes!  I’d always been pleased with my long lashes, and thought they looked pretty nice… I hadn’t seen anything even close to how delightful they looked afterward!

I promised myself I would write down at least a brief summary of things here before lying down to sleep, and I think I’ve accomplished that… so now I’m going to rest until the morrow.

If I can find a way to swing some pictures of myself sometime soon, I’ll put them up on here so people can take a look!


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