How could I have lived without this before?

Arright… so I haven’t exactly had the most exposure to things as I’ve grown up.  From classic literature, to comic books, to amazing music, to world history, even just pop culture references — I’ve missed out on a lot.  That’s not to weep and moan and say I’ve had a horrible life; in fact I’ve been pretty happy overall… but I have to wonder how much of that was ignorant bliss at times! (Okay, kidding…)

As I’ve made a number of well-versed friends over the past few years, I’ve slowly yet consistently been discovering the joys around me, picking up on the things I missed before.  Many of them have been spectacular discoveries, some have been interesting but forgettable, and some I haven’t even cared for — but I’ve always been glad to learn more and be exposed to more.

But by far the biggest, most incredibly mind-blowing exposure happened last night.

Sure, I’d heard the name before, and I had some general idea that it was something kind of “out there” and that there were some really die-hard fans… but last night I found out for myself the power behind the words “The Rocky Horror Picture Show.”

I almost feel as if I could truthfully sing along with “I’m just seven hours old…” with as amazing of an experience that simply seeing the film on DVD was; I would likely faint at the chance to really experience the film, in a theatre where full audience participation was allowed — I can certainly see how many places would want to avoid floors covered in rice, toast crumbs, and gallons of water… but to really be able to have that chance, it would be a beautiful thing.

Never imagined that such a seemingly odd sentence would come from my lips, but as I was watching, I commented, “Damn, but Tim Curry has got some FINE legs… I’m jealous!”  Personally, though, I must say that despite her nasal shrill when she sings (cute, but not necessarily sexy) I must say that I was most endeared to “Columbia” and actually cried out when she died — the first to go, even… it was quite sad.  If I ever get the chance to go out to a showing of the film, she’s the one I’ll be dressing as.

When I stood up after watching the film though twice — first the US theatrical release, then the UK version — I stopped for a few moments to do the Time Warp again, then realized that I needed a copy of the soundtrack, so while I’m waiting for a high quality lossless copy to show up, I grabbed the music from my subscription service and now have good quality mp3s to hold me over.  I put a couple of the tracks on loop and have been practicing my singing… I just so totally love everything about this!

Thank you to Ryan for insisting that it go at the top of my “to watch” list, and everybody else who confirmed how urgent it was that I watch this classic.  Would hate to have not listened and decided it wasn’t that important after all.

So… comm-a, comm-a, comm-a, comment — I wanna hear input!


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