The Yule Blog, Part 2.

Well, after posting my last entry midday on Christmas, I went back downstairs.  I decided the lesser of two evils was my family, and sat down on the couch for a bit… and finally dozed off.  That was about quarter to 3.  When I snapped awake about 5:30, I got up, looked around, and saw that everybody else had already eaten dinner — so I asked my mom why I hadn’t been invited.  She told me she had asked me if I wanted to join the family and eat; apparently I sounded awake enough when I told her “no” in my sleep that she didn’t know I hadn’t heard her.  Anyway, I ate some food, then spent some time chatting with friends online and playing Chrono Trigger on my DS. somewhere around 5 hours later, I realized I was still totally wiped out, so I headed upstairs, planning to just go to sleep.

However, things don’t always go as expected — sometimes they turn out much better!  I got into bed and felt that little fire, the Mother’s touch, just begging me to spend some time with my body.  It occurred to me that it had been at least a couple weeks since I’d had any toys out… or in for that matter.  Had to actually dig through a couple drawers to find the big one, but I got it out, got everything sufficiently moisturized, and slipped it in.  I had honestly forgoten what an absolute fucking rush it is, every time! queued up some video, and very quickly after, I had found the perfect “happy ending” to what started out as a rather lousy day.  I figured I’d just sleep with the toy in, as I’ve done a few times before; then I woke up half an hour later and realized I had been so peaceful and relaxed that I hadn’t cleaned up or turned the lights out or anything!  Fixed all that, laid down again and slept soundly for almost 4 hours before waking up again with a bit of pain — seems that having gone so long without being filled left me unprepared for a full night, so I pulled things out; couldn’t get right back to sleep, so I turned on some music, and a couple hours later drifted back to dreams.

Ten hours later, around 2:30 PM, I opened my eyes, smiled at the sunlight and the chances for joy that a new day brings, then climbed from bed and had a simple, easy day.

Saturday today now, which means Rock Band with [note: names redacted].  Really ought to get at least a little sleep before things get rolling… so that’s all for this entry.

Drop  a comment when you get a chance, let me know how your Christmas went!


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