Go figure…..

So, leave it to typical me to get totally worked up about something… anything… everything — only to find out that there was nothing there to begin with.

Anyway, after being scared out of my skull about what could be getting blood into my semen, being afraid to fap because I didn’t want to even have the chance of having to see pink instead of white… I said to myself, “Wow.  The house is empty — for several hours at least.  And I’m sitting here living my life in fear, again… no, still…  Fuck this. I’ve got to masturbate sometime between now and February, since I’m certainly not going to go without for that long.  May as well do this now.”

Well, got things going (fuck, the weather’s been cold lately!) and after about 30 minutes, I was done… everything white, everything just fine.  Not a trace or even a hint of red, pink, whatever.  Quite a relief, obviously.  Spent some time snoozing on the couch — didn’t have anything else to really do.  Got a text a little while later from Pouf asking a question for a survey her friend was doing, and after determining the answer, was at a point where I was ready to go at it again — thanks bunches, Pouf!  Was great to not only have the chance to, but be able to masturbate twice within the space of a few hours, and I wouldn’t have even considered trying if it wasn’t for that survey. :D  Again, cream — no strawberries, thank you.

I’m going to give things a week or so and keep watching, but after 7 days if there’s no more blood, I’m going to cancel my wang appointment (appointment with Dr. Wang, that is…) and just move on with my life.

Oh, the drama…


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