Ugh. Hope this doesn’t turn out to be a huge deal! (Not for weak stomachs!)

Well, it looks like I’m going to be making a doctor’s appointment first thing tomorrow — gotta love Teh Intarwebs for a quick medical prescreening process, eh?

Last couple occasions that I was spending a little personal time, I ended up finding that the typical pearly-white necklace appeared to have been substituted with one made of strawberry yogurt instead.  The first time it was a little enough speck or two of pink that I wasn’t super worried — I thought it might have just been a really dark jelly-ball (the kind you get from seminal fluid getting “left in” from the time before) but the next time things were pink enough to be worried… so off to pull knowledge from that Great Series Of Tubes, and everything points to either an infection of some sort (apparently very common) or something considerably worse, but any way you slice it — okay, maybe “slice” is a bad choice, but hey — any of the possibilities are worthy of “get to your doctor, RFGDN!”

Kind of a buzz-kill, and makes me want to hold off on any fun-time until I get checked out.  Really bugs me, too, since things were just getting to the point where I was able to enjoy myself much more regularly.

Wish me luck — Mother willing, it’s nothing major, and can be cleared up with a course of antibiotics, but naturally I’m worried it’s something worse… keep me in your thoughts, if you’ve got some room to spare.  I know there are several of you with your own trials right now, and I wish you the best with everything too.

*Deep breath… hold it… let it out.*  Everything will work out in the end, I know… gotta keep focused on that.


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