Shopping, family bullshit, bitchiness about xmas.

So… December first.  Guess what happens at the beginning of the month? MONEY!  And having money tends to turn this girl a little giddy, since she knows that a shopping splurge is within reach.

True to form, I headed out to the mall today to see what I might find.  Treated myself to a nail care kit from Seacret Spa — they were asking $69 for the thing, and with tax it came out to about $75.  I let the guy there demonstrate several other products to me, since I knew he would try to sell more if he could (hey, that’s how commission works!) but I was just in it for the free silky-smooth hands, and consistently turned down his offers, his “Well, just between you and me, but don’t tell *anyone* I offered you this deal!” bullshit, and finally he accepted that I was just going to buy the nail kit today.  He did throw in a “free gift” of some sort of soap-type-thing-that-isn’t-soap for me which was supposed to normally be $20, and after I finally walked away I clued in to the fact that I’d been calling the place Seacrest Spa the whole time, when there’s no second “S” in the name — it’s a Sea-secret mashed down to one pun-filled word.  No wonder I couldn’t find them online!  Sadly, when I got home and looked up the company’s site, i found the exact same thing I bought for “Regular $59.95 — on sale $49.95!  10% off all orders now through Dec. 29!”  Caveat Emptor, indeed!

Next I headed over to Frederick’s, my home-away-from-home these days it seems, and tried to find several things I’d been hoping to grab when i had money again… but they didn’t have the Angelina Boy Short (the “Sapphire Blue” color) so I ended up getting a pair of the Cameron Boy Short (Again, Sapphire Blue) instead.  Was going to get either the Harlow Satin and Lace Chemise or the Marilyn Chemise — would have preferred the Marilyn, but been happy with either, and sadly they didn’t have the Sapphire in my size for both of those styles.  Pity, I would have loved to have completed an ensemble in black and blue to match the fishnets I got recently.

After that, I walked over to Barnes and Noble, across the street and down the block a ways.  I’d been there before late last week when my youngest sister was visiting, and had a chance to mentally note a few authors and books I was interested in looking up; out of the 4 authors I’d initially tagged, only two were interesting and I found one as an ebook.  The other is only available as one of those antique pressed wood-pulp deals you still see now and then out there, so today I picked up a copy of “Playing” by Melanie Abrams to read when I get through a couple other books I’m in the middle of right now.  I also picked up a copy of a CD they’d been playing overhead last trip there, Lenka (her self-titled album) — Haven’t opened it yet, but the samples I checked out in the store listening booth and the tracks that were playing on the loudspeakers before were awesome.

Well, tonight was also Monday night, which sadly meant it was also Mandatory Attendance Family Indoctrination And Dispensing Of Negativity, as I call it, or “Family Home Evening” as those parent people think it should be named.  They even call it “FHE” for short.  The idea is supposed to be that the loving, caring family sits down together each week and learns something wonderful and spiritual about the one and only true church, and maybe grows closer to each other through a carefully planned activity.  That’s if you swallow the propaganda their church spews.  The reality is more like everybody reluctantly dragging in to the room, the parents spouting off some fire-and-brimstone lecture about how the sin-du-jour must be avoided at all costs, how if you’ve been wicked enough to fall into the devil’s traps and commit whatever sin, you need to seek help and treatment immediately so you can get back to heaven again before it’s too late, etc. etc. yadda yadda bullshit ad nauseum.

Today’s “lesson topic” was an aritcle from one of their church’s magazines, called something like “The Energy Drink Syndrome!!”  A “Doctor” wrote this scared-straight attempt detailing how evil and scary and dangerously addictive caffeine is, and how there’s no way you can drink even one cola or have a cup of coffee without melting away your bone density, getting fat beyond compare, developing diabetes, permanently disrupting your ability to sleep… the list went on and on.  While sitting there and listening to that tripe made me sick, what was even more nauseating was that I was obliged to play along, to act appropriately shocked to “discover” how much caffeine was in different beverages, to “tsk-tsk” condecendingly when the mention of caffeinated drinks being marketed to our nation’s youth came up, to act dutifully concerned and resolute when the summation was presented with a challenge to abstain from all forms of caffeine…  I detest their preaching, and I laugh at their hypocrisy when I know that my dad guzzles Dr. Pepper any chance he can get, and even has me pick up a can or two for him fairly often.

Anyway, when I was out and about earlier today, I was reminded of how seriously I hate Christmas music.  I also had to stop and wonder how, for almost two months out of the year, nobody will bat an eyelid when the radio pumps out shit about “Christ the savior is born!” and “Glory to God in the highest!” — but if you were to mention any other deity, any time of the year, you’d get a nasty look for not being “normal.”

I think that just about wraps things up for now… plus I’m falling asleep! (it’s about midnight now.)


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