Wonderful days!

I really should have sat down and written this sooner, but I kept putting it off.  And now that I’m here ready to type, my mind goes wandering!

At any rate, I wanted to document the events of the past few days.  Saturday was beautiful!  Baby Hipster and Pouf dropped by while parental units were gone for the day and we had a great time at the mall.  It was so fun to just hang out, to walk around and talk and look at all the cool things for sale.

We started out just walking without any real destination, and before long Pouf spotted Hot Topic and wanted to browse around, maybe find some window decals for her car; Baby Hipster also wanted to see if they had a color of nail polish she’d seen recently.  No luck with the decals but they both found polish in colors they liked.  Headed out of there and kept walking, ended up at the end of the mall with Frederick’s of Hollywood, and I had to stop there and show them around and point out some of my favorites… they looked around a bit too, and spotted some things I liked a lot but had never really noticed before.  Nobody bought anything there (though I’m sure we all wished we could have!) and we all continued along.

Bath & Body Works was just a short walk away, so we stopped there and Baby Hipster., who just started working at a different one, was able to point out some of the best fragrances and make a couple recommendations for me; Pouf almost bought some new lip gloss since she’s almost out, but it wasn’t really in her budget that day.  Out and onward we went, to…

Victoria’s Secret!  I’d forgotten how much more they offer than just lingerie — cosmetics, personal fragrance, bags, jewelry… everything a woman needs to look as sexy as she feels!  Pouf‘s sister had insisted that this “miracle bra” was the most amazing thing, but Pouf scoffed when she saw and felt it — “I have one that’s the same concept, but way better!  I don’t know what she was talking about.”  I saw a lot of nice ideas for things to wear, but obviously the whole “I’m broke” thing made it just dreaming.

Next place we stopped was the Disney Store.  I couldn’t believe how long it had been since I’d stepped in there!  We looked around a bit, found some really cute stuff and some really stupid stuff, and of course there was the classic question of “Which Disney Princess Is Your Favorite/Are You Most Like?”  Baby Hipster was undecided between Belle and Ariel, I was very sure mine was Ariel, and try as I might now while writing this, I can’t remember what Pouf said!  I’ll send her a text and update this when I find out. Edit:  Found out why I couldn’t remember — she couldn’t decide!  She was trying to figure out which princess she was most like, but never figured it out.

Almost next door to Disney was Torrid.  May Mother smile upon whomever it was that had the courage to open a store that offers good fashion to those of us with “a little more to love” — a slap in the face of mass media telling us we all need to be deathly thin to be beautiful.  There was a lot there, but nothing that caught our eyes in the way of clothing… but those two both found pocketbooks they loved, and Baby Hipster bought one for herself.

It was getting to be mid-afternoon, and when someone mentioned that we should go ahead and meet up with the guys, I was a little surprised at first, but it was a good surprise, really.  I had dressed up extra-sexy that day and certainly didn’t mind having more eyes on me!  Pouf used my directions to get to RPJ‘s house, where we all chilled for a while, just chatting and shit.  The general consensus was that it was much too early to call it a night at 7:30, so when you want to do something and there really isn’t anything — what else but Denny’s?  Spent some time there — I got an Oreo shake — and then we drove around town for a while, following Martian in his truck, until we ended up at what was — by far — the worst of the porn shops I’ve been to.  The first thing that assaulted my senses as we entered was the stench of years of stale cigarette smoke… then there was the paltry selection of toys and novelties, and rounding out the dismal store were the walls lined with magazines that looked as if they’d been sitting there for 20 years or more, unsold.

Well, that had kinda killed my good mood, and I know I was more than a little bitchy as Pouf and Baby Hipster. drove me back home (sorry, girls!) but when we got back to my place and I got into the house I realized I was getting pretty turned on!  Decided to do something crazy and more than a little dangerous: I knew my parents would be home any minute, along with my youngest sister who they’d picked up from the airport.  I needed to get off, and needed it bad, so I sat down at my computer — downstairs at the front of the house — stripped down to just the garter belt and lacy thigh-highs I’d put on that morning, turned on one of my favorite porn clips — on speakers, not headphones — and started fucking myself.  Was a little worried when things started out slow, but I really came when I heard the car pull in, the doors open and three familiar voices out the window.  I still don’t know how I managed it, but I actually got the porn turned off, some grungy jeans I’d gotten ready put on, my shirt over my head, and my other lingerie tucked away, right while they were walking in the front door, and had just sat back down in my chair in time to act nonchalant as they came past my computer room into the kitchen.  It was an absolute blast and while I don’t think I’ll be trying anything that extreme again anytime soon, it sure was fun!

Okay, tonight was supposed to be movie night part two, but considering I started writing almost two hours ago, and I’m drifting off to sleep, I’ll just have to continue later with my tale, and watch movies in the morning.

To be continued!


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