Oh, What a night!

SO much to say — where to even begin?!?

Welllll… last night was spent out on the town — Pouf, Baby Hipster, Martian, RPJ, and yours truly all got together on a whim, spent lots of time together. Started out trying to figure out anything to do at night in the area, only to be severely disappointed when nobody could think of anywhere to go. Someone asked whether there might be any type of sit-down ice cream parlor in the area… I got to really show my age by recommending someplace that I don’t think now has been there in a good 10 or 15 years! We drove over to see anyway, and — shock! It wasn’t there! — so we went to the mainstay of “It’s late, where do we go?” locations, Denny’s. Everyone else ordered at least something, even the guys got just a dessert, but with as completely broke as I am and having eaten not long before, I made do with an ice water (lemon added!)

We sat around and ate, made chit-chat for a while, but soon found ourselves asking “What’s next for tonight?” Baby Hipster and Martian had written down the name and address of an adult shop over in Vacaville, but with the time we’d spent at Denny’s and the time we spent tooling around Vacaville attempting to find the damn place, we managed to arrive a full thirty minutes after they closed.

So, back to the question of “What shall we do now?” Everyone liked the idea of stopping at a porn store, but we were reluctant to commit to the drive to Sac just for that, so we sat around for a bit, tried GOOG-411 many times trying to find a local store we hadn’t discovered, walked around the parking lot or sat in our cars before finally deciding, “Fuck this. School night for some, work night for others, no matter. We’re making the drive — we need some fun tonight.”

Made the trip on up there, stopped at a little place called Suzie’s and as we were pulling into the parking lot, I became quite seriously aware that I needed a stop in the little girl’s room. Well, there certainly wasn’t going to be a restroom in an adult store, and the only other potential candidate was a Carl’s Jr. next door which was already closed for the night. I was really at a point where I couldn’t enjoy browsing at the store without caring for my bladder first, so, with a bit of encouragement and a few votes of confidence — and certainly a fair bit of adrenaline — I walked over to the corner of the building by the dumpster, lowered my pants and panties just enough, adjusted my legs as needed and publicly urinated for the first time in my life! It was actually quite exciting, even for something as “dirty” as it was; I’d never thought that the relatively simple and mundane act of relieving myself could be an adventure!

At any rate, I rejoined the rest of the party and we entered the shop, browsed around quite a bit, found some rather interesting and fun toys and such… Suzie’s had a larger range of products from the Jelly Caribbean line I’d used (both my 6.5″ and 8.5″ are from that line, the “4” and the “1”, respectively) but I wasn’t too impressed by the rest of the series’ lineup. We stopped in the section with packaged lingerie for a bit, and we girls had to — as politely as possible — express our distaste for the horrid selections the guys thought we’d look great in (or perhaps not us, but some other “dream figure!”) Not having shopped with Pouf or Baby Hipster before, I was pleased and impressed to find that we all shared a similar eye for style and beauty that Martian and RPJ didn’t seem to really get — then again, maybe it’s just the whole male mentality, who knows?

We were on our way out of the parking lot with plans to stop at another toy store when disaster struck! Pouf had a light on her dash come on that she knew was serious, but wasn’t sure exactly the meaning of. We pulled out the car manual and found the symbol — “Malfunction Indicator Light.” Course of action? “Immediately bring vehicle to your authorized dealer for service.” Fuck. So, we called the guys who had driven off completely oblivious to the fact that we weren’t following them at all, waited for them to drive back and see what they could figure out about the car. Turns out, not much. They were pretty pissed about something, I think they said they couldn’t see anything in the engine for some reason, but whatever it was they didn’t have any way to diagnose problems. Apparently there was some sort of seal they couldn’t deal with, I didn’t really get it but cars have never been my thing.

Final recommendation was that Pouf should take the car home for the night and drive to the dealership in the morning — it was safe enough to get a little ways but not the kind of thing to drive around town all night. We all drove over to her place but when we got there things were looking like parental unit interference was imminent so rather than tempt that wrath by inviting two of the group to stay there while one other was dropped home in Sac, then the rest (including myself) picked up again and transported home — we fit four not-completely-skinny folks in the cab of a pickup truck. Granted, it’s a pretty large cab, but it was very “cozy” packed in there. Plus, we happened to be in one of the most heavily-patrolled neighborhoods in Sac, since apparently there’s a hospital right nearby… we made it to the freeway as quickly as fucking possible without driving recklessly, and perhaps it was the Mother looking out for me or maybe just shit-dumb luck, but we got back to Baby Hipster‘s place in one piece, without incident. We all filed indoors, stood around for a few, and Martian and Baby Hipster had a couple Jello Shots (actually I think Martian only took one since he was driving back!) before we bid Baby Hipster a wonderful night and left for the trip back home again.

Or so I thought! We noted that it was “only” 1 in the morning, and that there must be something we could still do, so Martian mentioned yet another porn store adjacent to and owned by a strip club. I must certainly say, that shop was by far the most impressive I’ve yet seen. There was a whole area with clothes, and in fact a wall of shoes and boots! I found the perfect shoes for my next purchase, but was so excited I didn’t even think to pull out my cellphone and snap a photo! There was also a positively stunning evening dress, again, I didn’t remember I had a camera with me, even as the others were snapping photos with their phones of products they wished to remember or further research.

Well, we finally finished browsing there, and decided to actually head home for the night. The trip was mostly uneventful; other than an area where the air was so thick with smoke that visibility was greatly reduced, nothing of interest happened or was seen.

Pulled up to my house, and, as I had predicted, all the lights were on, including the porch light, and the door was unlocked. I honestly half-expected to see one or both of my parents sitting on the couch waiting up for me… I mean, really — when I can count on one hand the number of times in the last 15 years that I’ve left the house without either keys or ID, and the fact that I’m almost 28, you’d think that I could be treated slightly more like a responsible adult. You’d be wrong, because my parents are who they are, but you’d be reasonable in thinking that.

Got in, turned off the lights, locked the door, went upstairs to undress for bed, and to my horror and dismay, the very sexy black with red trim nylons I had opened just that morning had shredded almost completely on the sole of one foot. I bought this pair of stockings just a few days ago with $15 that I really couldn’t afford to spend in the first place, because the other pair was getting very worn; one fucking day wearing the new ones and they’re ruined! I was so upset I nearly cried… but I decided to sleep on things instead, remembering that life always looks better when you wake up in the morning.

I fell asleep fairly quickly, not surprising considering it was about 2:45AM. But then I awoke at 4:30 or so with my body absolutely screaming for an orgasm — I wanted my ass pounded, I wanted hands, tongues, whatever else all over my body… and I knew it wasn’t going to happen. Even my toys weren’t an option since I’ve been out of personal lubricant for several days now — and don’t have the money to buy more. For the first time, I wanted to curse the Mother for her sexual gifts. I cried aloud, “Fuck you, Mother! Fuck you! Have you given me this need — beyond wishes, beyond desire, a drive so intense it is a necessity — have you done this for your own sadistic amusement? Simply so you can watch me squirm with unfulfilled lust?” I quickly realized that such words were nothing but praise, no matter how hatefully intended, so I simply lay there in blissful agony, doing all I could to forget the previous events of the night and to distract myself with the mundane… I don’t know precisely how long it was, but at least quarter past five I had last looked at the clock before I fell back to sleep sometime, craving sufficiently diminished to find slumber yet again.

Thus concluded my crazy, crazy night… and then I awoke at 7:30 bright-eyed and ready to face the day!

P.S. — A note to Pouf and Baby Hipster (if you read this!), parental units are scheduled to vacate the premises for the majority of Saturday this week. If there’s any way to possibly arrange it, I would be honored and delighted to spend a day as “just the girls,” maybe cruise the mall or something, and benefit from your advice on something to earmark for an outfit purchase once I have money again. If you’ve already got plans, or are otherwise unavailable, I understand — but I’m certainly hoping we can make this work!


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