Life got you down? Need to relax? Try a shot of THIS!

I am so, so wonderfully delighted right now.  I mean, there’s always been the effect of awakening fresh and with a more positive outlook on life than when you lay down, but this was on a whole new level!

So, to back up a bit… I was rather disappointed early today when I found that I would be stuck in again all day with little to do.  Sure, some text messages to and from Pouf were a welcome diversion, and later conversations with Witness (more about him later, may have found a great xmas gift for myself!) and exchanging a few songs with N.H. all made for some temporary distractions, but I was feeling more and more moody, trapped, and isolated… so much so that I rather abruptly cut off a couple conversations I was having and just sat for a while before heading up to my bed.

Obviously one of the few things that will always get me feeling better is my sex toys, but this time instead of trying to actually get off with them, I just slid my 8-inch vibe up my ass, dialed the motor all the way up, and just lay there relaxing.  Shit!   I mean… I knew it was a great help in making me come, but just letting the vibration radiate through my pelvis and thighs was so incredibly calming that before I realized it, I was drifting off to sleep!  Thank the Mother I had the coherence to turn the power off so my fresh new batteries didn’t die with one use; I would have been very unhappy.

So, power was turned off, and I was about to pull the cock out, when I thought… “why take it out at all?  It feels great, I’m so relaxed with it in, and I’m very sleepy anyway, so why not sleep with eight inches inserted?”  So that’s exactly what I did, and when I woke up, I not only had lost the grumpy mood from before, but I was physically refreshed and sexually charged and ready to take on any kind of shit life threw at me.

This will definitely not be the only time this happens, I promise you that.  As for the “more on Witness” bit, he has offered to provide both his digital camera and photographer’s eye and give me a photoshoot as a Christmas gift!  I’ll finally have some sexy pictures of myself all dressed up (or perhaps more… UNdressed, I suppose!)  I won’t be posting any of them here, obviously; they’ll all be a little too risqué to host or display on MySpace.  Sorry to any of my readers who had hoped to see me — the Internet is too dangerous a place to put anything potentially incriminating these days… all it takes is one bastard snagging something he shouldn’t have a copy of and circulating it, to get a girl in all sorts of trouble.

Of course, there are a few of you — and you know who you are, I think — who will definitely have full access to the results if you so wish. Your trust and love has been earned and is well-deserved.

Mother smile on you always — every one of you — and may She grant your most potent sexual fantasies, that you might dedicate that joy and pleasure to Her.


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