A little writing I’m proud of.

I was talking with a friend of mine who’s kinda struggling right now with mixed-up, conflicting thoughts and emotions lately, and she’s been asking me for advice and input on how to discuss things with her boyfriend… she was afraid of how he might react, but things were really getting stressful for her.  Anyway, just a few minutes ago she reiterated how she feels certain things but knows they don’t make sense, and I wrote the following as a little “internal dialog” from her perspective to see if I understood what she was saying…
Self: “Brain, meet Heart.  Heart, this is Brain.  I know the two of you would rather not be on speaking terms, each off doing your own thing, and I respect your moves toward independence — but right now I really need you guys to communicate and work together.”

Heart: “Fuck that, I’m going to keep chasing the guys that seem interesting at whatever moment… it sure is fun watching Brain squirm around when I get Self in deep shit and leave Brain to work a way out.”

Brain: “I shouldn’t expect much more of you, Heart.  You always were one for games, and you almost seem to enjoy getting in trouble.  But I think we can both be reasonable, and make a concerted effort for association and collaboration toward a productive goal, don’t you –”

Heart: “Can it, Brain!  I do my thing, you go off and read or whatever shit you do.  I’m outta here…”
“Sound about right?” I asked.

“Pretty much.” was her only reply.

Not only was I pleased with my writing, but it’s always a good feeling to know that you really get someone, that you can understand how a fellow human feels and what they’re going through.  While I’m sad that my friend isn’t in the best emotional situation, I find a bit of a personal triumph in knowing that even if I can’t directly help, I can empathize and relate.


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