Good life, odd day, “going without…”

So overall, life’s pretty damn good.  I’ve got good friends, people I can talk to about anything — and I’m finding that they’re willing to come to me for advice too, when they need it.  I’ve been able to take care of my horny little body’s needs for the most part, barring a few times where I’ve gone without, either because that same little body wouldn’t cooperate, or other things like the mattress that took three weeks to get.

Sure, there are things I don’t like — I’m not bubbles and sunshine 24/7/365, but nobody is… My sleep schedule is almost always screwed over, but I cause a lot of that myself…  I hate having to pretend to be someone I’m not, someone I’d hate to ever be, just so I don’t get disowned…  And I could certainly use more money, but again, a lot of people could!

So, life isn’t perfect — never will be — but I think I can honestly say, without any reservations, that I am the happiest I have been in many, many years.  More than a decade, probably closer to 15 even!

At any rate, today (yesterday? Tuesday…) was an interesting day.  That crazy sleeping pattern I mentioned was going strong, and I had been up from 7:30 PM Sunday night until about 9:30 AM Tuesday… slept to noon or so and have been up since.  And I just spent about 10 minutes slowly trying to piece together the events of Monday — I’m really out of it.  Anyway, I was talking about the interesting day I had.

So, around 2:45 in the afternoon, a friend drove up from about an hour south of here so I could exchange some software with him; he had a copy of a game that had sounded kinda fun, and offered to trade for some picks from my “video” collection… yeah, those videos.  It was a fair enough trade, and then we sat around chatting for a while, went and got a late, big lunch, and finally around 7 he left for the drive back.

I realized about then that I was kinda tired… somehow I wasn’t completely exhausted, but I figured I would bathe, take care of my shaving while I was in there, and then just soak in the hot, relaxing water for a while.  Well, somehow instead of putting me to sleep, the soaking made me wake up more!  I figured I’d do some laundry, since I’d been putting it off too long anyway.  I didn’t realize how long — when I opened my drawer for a clean pair of panties after my bath, there were none.  Oops!  So there I was, needing to get dressed so I could do the laundry I needed… to… yeah.  Get dressed.  I finally said, “fuck it — it’s not as if I have to wear any panties anyway, right?”  I suppose I could have grabbed one of my “special occasion” pairs, but they’re designed for looks, not all-evening comfort!  Anyway, I started my load of wash, and was feeling tired again.  Still hadn’t clued in to how long I’d been up.  Told my mom I was going to leave the load in the washer overnight and get some sleep… which was my plan, too.  Then that old, familiar craving hit — I needed to get off, bad.  I figured there was no harm in a little playtime before bedtime; I’d shove the vibe in back, dial it up all the way, let my fingers do their magic on the other spots, take in some stimulating sights and sounds… take all of 15 minutes, tops, then some much-needed sleep.  That was about 8:30 last night.  I spent until about quarter past midnight sampling my porn selection, even checking out some more recent acquisitions, while wearing down the batteries in my toy.  Literally wearing down — they gave their last “buzz” about 11:30, but I kept going because I was sure I was close to coming.

But at 12:15 or a little after, I realized I had to piss.  Like right-goddamn-NOW.  Suddenly I remembered that when I went out to lunch, I’d ordered a 32-oz Dr. Pepper with my meal.  Duh!  No wonder I was staying awake still; I was loaded up on caffeine… which also caused the gotta-go-right-now deal.

Well, I wrapped up in my bathrobe and took care of that… came back up to my room and decided to try my fingering again.  Thought ahead to grab the extra pair of batteries I’d snagged back two and a half weeks ago when I needed some last time.  Okay, so I thought it was the same pair, but when I installed them, they ran for about 30 seconds before shutting down too.  Which means that when I was cleaning up and hiding things before the mattress got here, I took the new ones and threw them away, and stored the previous dead set.  Way to go.  I still gave it my best effort, and spent nearly three more hours going nowhere.  Finally decided I would write things down, but got distracted looking at a couple other things — a good adult film I forgot I had, a couple old blog posts, both mine and some from my friends, and finally got around to starting out here on this post.

Here it is over an hour later, and I’m wide awake still but very much exhausted.  Fortunately, I think I’ve covered everything I wanted to, so now it’s off to sleep for Sophia’s little self.

And yes, in case you were wondering, I’ve still got no panties on.


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