Crap-tastic week in review.

Ugh.  I kept meaning to sit down and write during the week, but never managed… here it is early Monday morning and so much has happened…

As I mentioned last post, I had to hide all my playthings and send my laptop downstairs.  By Wednesday I was really starting to stress out from having no outlet for my lust, and when I found that I had the house to myself for a little bit I managed to get in a really quick orgasm downstairs — even though it wasn’t that great, it was enough to keep my sanity going.

Thursday I was very happy with myself, if only for a moment, because for the first time since I cleared the “hair forest” I managed to shave the stubble off without scraping or nicking anything — not a single drop of blood!

Friday morning I woke up, and my ass was practically screaming to be fucked, but since there was still the chance of a mattress sometime, I kept all the toys put away.  It was really hard for a couple hours, but then a friend invited me out, and spending the day doing things kept my mind off of sex for a while.

Saturday rolled around, and I reminded my mom that I’d been promised a new mattress that week, and time was running out.  She replied, as if it were the most obvious thing ever, that she and my dad were going to shop for one that day.  They did, but then got back home and told me it would be Tuesday before it shipped out for pickup from the warehouse.  So much for “this week,” yeah?

Sunday I slept most of the day, and didn’t do much when I was up, but around 10:30PM I was turned on enough that I said to myself, “fuck this, I’m taking my laptop back upstairs, I’m pulling out my toys and lingerie, grabbing some fresh batteries from the family stash and I’m going to come like I know I need to!”

Well, nice idea, but it didn’t work.  As if I were out of practice or something, I got nowhere, even with the vibe maxed out in my ass and my fingers going wild up in front… so I gave up on that for the night and decided to post here about the week.

So… pretty lame week overall; a couple high points but in general a failure.  Plus I have to keep everything hidden still until the new mattress gets put in place.

I guess I’ll manage, but I won’t be too happy about it…


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