I can make it through — really!

Ugh.  I suppose it’s all for the best (hmm, where have I heard that line before? Sounds suspicious…) — my parents are buying me a new mattress “sometime this week.”  I know mine is years old and quite worn out; I can almost always feel the wires in the frame pressing into me, the fabric is getting thin in places and I have to admit it’s getting rather dingy.  Then again, those same wires are perfect for propping a toy against to keep it right on “that spot,” the thin fabric isn’t a bother to me, and even if it’s a bit dingy, it’s mine, damn it, I know that bed so well!

Anyway, the really sucky part of the whole deal is that I obviously can’t have my dildo and two vibrators sitting next to the bed, along with several pairs of panties that my folks would consider downright “scandalous” and the recently purchased hair removal products… I’d be signing my own eviction notice, if not death warrant!  All that has to get hidden, along with the laptop that is supposed to be downstairs at all times so that their little precious one can be supervised while online — we wouldn’t want any of those bad, bad people on the internet corrupting such a lovely, innocent young thing!  Yeah.  Still how they see me at almost 28 — it scares me sometimes, it really does.

So basically my night-time is fucked until further notice… or, just as appropriate, I won’t be fucked until further notice.  No toys, no computer, nothing nice to wear…  I just have to remind myself that it won’t be the whole week — not if I have anything to say about it.  I’ll be putting the pressure on those two to get things done.

So to all my friends online, I may not be around as much when I usually am, but I really hope things will get back to normal soon!

I’ll finish things off here with a quote I re-discovered recently, and seems oh-so-fitting:

“Maybe he’s right — maybe there is something the matter with me… [soft chuckle]  I just don’t see how a world that makes such wonderful things… could be bad…?”

I know there’s nothing wrong with me, and I know that the world I’m discovering, and all its wonderful things, isn’t a bad place — maybe I’ll be vindicated as Ariel was, one day?  Let us truly hope so.


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