Best. One. Ever.

Well, I ended up sleeeeeeeping a lot longer than I’d planned, but at least I woke full of energy, and still peaceful… and very, very happy.

Last night, after typing my last post and having headed upstairs, I decided it couldn’t hurt things to spend just a few more minutes of playtime before laying down to sleep.  I am so very happy I did!  My new, larger toy went back in, and this time when fully inserted hit what I can only think to describe as an anal G-spot — I was quivering in ecstasy for what may have only been a few moments but seemed like a lifetime, before I had the most intense orgasm I can ever recall having, with the one possible exception of my very first (and that exception is debatable!)

It took probably a good five minutes lying there recovering before I could gather my wits enough to remove the vibe-less vibrator and clean everything up and put it away.  During that time, I still had the toy pressing on that perfect spot, which may have made things a little harder to come down from, but I didn’t really care — it was as if I’d been fucked by the Mother herself, and I certainly had no complaints!

With as good as everything was last night, I’m almost a little bit afraid to get batteries now — I’m not sure I could handle that with the vibration added, but I know I’ll do it; after all, why would I turn away an opportunity to dedicate an even more pleasurable experience to my Mother?


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