More than I could have dreamed.

I am truly, truly smiled upon by my Mother today.  I did indeed have an opportunity to meet Baby Hipster along with her boyfriend (whom I already knew) and in addition, was introduced to the fair Pouf with whom I had previously talked briefly on MySpace but had not met — nor did I expect to so soon!  We drove out to Sac, ate at the Olive Garden, and then spent a short while driving the freeways without any destination.  Then someone remembered that there had been plans to stop at an adult novelty shop — for them to browse, for me to shop for a larger toy than I had previously received as a gift from Baby Hipster‘s boyfriend (we’ve been in contact for several years now, so it’s not crazy to think of him purchasing that by proxy for me.)

Found something just perfect for me, bought it and made the long-ish trip home.  My parents were at the movies, so I naturally took a few moments to head up to my room and try my new 8.5-inch vibrator out (anally, of course!)  It was a significant improvement over the previous 6.5-inch model I first had — it hit that perfect spot that I knew had been so very slightly out of reach with the smaller cock, and it hit it immediately.  I knew I only might have a few minutes before parental units returned, so I had a little fun with that, let my fingers play around up front a bit, but quickly packaged things back up and got dressed and back downstairs.  The folks got back home around 12:20, and I threw out the typical pleasantries and greetings, but now I think I’m going to bed for the night to get some sleep.

On a somewhat disappointing note, when I bought my new dildo, the guy at the counter asked if I needed batteries (Obvious common courtesy, and helps their business as well.)  I thought for a moment, and then declined, thinking I had a fresh pair at home… only to find when I got home that not only did I not have any unused, but the batteries in the 6-inch toy were basically dead.  So, no vibrating, at least tonight… have to go buy some batteries soon so I can get the full potential and pleasure out of my new purchase!

Okay, getting to the point of falling asleep at my keyboard, so I think I’ll end this post and if I think of more to add in the morning, I’ll do that.

Thank you again Martian, Baby Hipster, and Pouf for a beautiful, happy night — one that will hopefully be the first of many, many more to come!


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