Quarter past eleven on a Friday night…

and all my friends are out having fun.  It figures I’d live just far enough out of the way to make it a hassle to plan things to include me, and since I can’t get anywhere myself, I’m somewhat fucked for transportation and at the mercy of friends to get me here and there.

I’d say I can get myself off just fine, but even that seems to be an issue the past couple of days — so here it is, late on a Friday, and instead of out partying, I’m just slouching around in front of the computer hoping someone, anyone, will show up online if only for a few minutes.  I need — I crave — human interaction, but maybe I just need to get used to staying in at night, finding things to occupy myself, and waiting to hear everybody’s adventures when things are back to normal (for them) on Monday.

Yeah, I know this whole post is bitchy little boo-hoo poor me, and I don’t necessarily expect to get a pat on the head and a patronizing “There, there, dear — it’ll all be okay…” but I’m feeling pretty pissy right now, so whatever…



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