Does She fancy herself a tease, perhaps?

Okay, I know it’s got to just be my pills, or stress, or whatever else is going on with my body and my life right now, but a part of me can’t help wondering if the Mother is just playing games with me sometimes.  Two days in a row, I’ve had periods of several hours at a time where I’ve had the whole house to myself — usually a rare occasion — and happened to be feeling quite horny both times as well (okay, then again, there’s not much time these days when I’m not…)

So naturally I took those opportunities to get my personal pleasuring done (and of course dedicate my sexual joys to Her) downstairs where there’s more room to move around, plus a big screen to enjoy pornography on — and I get to feel like I’m flaunting my true self to those parent-people, even if they’re not really here. But try as I might, I couldn’t come — as I mentioned last post, I spent nearly all last night trying, and before that during the day for a few hours; this evening I spent a good 3 hours going essentially nowhere.

It’s like I’m being given the perfect situations and set-ups for great sexual experiences, and then being dammed up so my body can’t let out the river of pleasure that’s trying to break free.

I’m probably over-thinking things with this, attributing too much to the Mother when it’s just everyday bullshit getting in the way, but like I said, sometimes I just have to wonder…

Questions, comments, criticism (constructive, please!), and Kudos welcome!


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