Better than expected!

So, a day later and I’m noticing that the Nair worked a whole hell of a lot better than I’d initially thought!  Nearly everything is completely removed, there’s a few spots that are completely silky-smooth, and the rest is little enough stubble that just a single pass with a straight razor should take care of the remaining.

It may not have been the quickest adventure, or the most straightforward, but an adventure it certainly was — and I’m quite pleased with how things have turned out!

Now things get to move to the maintenance stage… that ought to be quite the “fun time” to look forward to.  Then again, a little minimal effort to keep myself looking and feeling beautiful and happy — definitely worth it for what I get in return.

Sigh — feeling that shopping itch again, and I’m completely and totally broke now… and my next paycheck isn’t until the first of the month!  I suppose I could at least go out and hunt for ideas; maybe find a nice pair of shoes to earmark for when I can afford something again.

I hate not having my own transportation, too — and there isn’t anyplace that great to shop within walking or bus distance; to do any real shopping I’d have to go all the way to the City or up to Sac, and trying to make sure I not only have the cash on me for the bus trip, but planning my entire day around the bus schedules is just too stupid to bother with.  How can I enjoy looking around for a new skirt or something extra for the bedroom when I’m constantly having to check the time and make sure I don’t miss my only chance to get back home?

…Wow, this started out pretty happy and enthusiastic and ended up quite the bitch-session.  Maybe I need some playtime to cheer things up?  Guess I’ll end this post for now, maybe go shower and take care of that last little bit of hair I left yesterday, then head up to my room for a little intimate break.
Wow!  Someone must be looking out for me… just as I was about to go sulk in the bath, hoping I could cheer up a little, I heard my mom zipping her purse and grabbing her keys.  Asked her where she was going, and she’s headed out to some meeting, then errands after that.  Doesn’t know when she’ll be back, and my dad doesn’t get off work until at least 3 — so now I can go hop in the shower, take care of that shaving very quickly, then come right back to the computer after grabbing my playthings from my room and get that workout taken care of without worrying about hiding everything upstairs… Mother smiles upon me more and more every day!


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