Shopping spree (binge?) and first times…

Well, today I needed to get out of the house and do some shopping… I just had that little itch, and even though I probably spent way more than I should have, I feel lots better… but about half of it was necessities, so it wasn’t all self-indulgence spending!

So, on the list of fun stuff for me… Frederick’s of Hollywood was advertising on their website that there was a Columbus Day sale going through today, so I was really excited; normally their standard line of panties are mix-n-match 4 for $24 but they were supposed to be on sale 6 pair for $20!  Here I was headed out thinking I managed to always pick the sale days to go shopping without even planning… but sadly, it wasn’t to be.  The FoH in the local mall wasn’t participating in that sale, they only had a 50% off clearance items, and the girl working there (I’ve talked with her before, she’s almost always working when I go in) admitted that all the good stuff sells very fast so the clearance rack is usually junk.

I still went ahead and bought 4 panties in a couple different styles, got a new pair of nylons to replace the pair I snagged on my nail (I was so pissed!  I hadn’t even had them more than 2 weeks, and the run was a 6-inch thing right on the ankle where I couldn’t even hide it under my shoes…)  I also found a quite sexy chemise in black and “topaz” — it was a beautiful deep shade of blue.  I probably would have grabbed the solid black like I usually tend to do, but plain black is obviously the most popular and of course all that was left was like an extra small and 2 medium.  Probably better off, really, since it spurred me into buying something new and different for a change!

So, then I headed over to Target for the more daily need items.  As sexy as the FoH panties are, there’s a time and place for bedroom flashiness, and every girl needs some regular daily-wear underthings, so I picked up a 6-pair package of plain white briefs.  Went to buy some socks, and they came in packs of 10 pairs.  Why do things always work like that?  You buy hot dogs in 10-packs, but the buns come as 8. Cans of soda come as 6-packs, but ice trays have 8 or 10 or 16 cubes… but anyway 😛

Meanwhile as the eternal mysteries of mismatched package counts puzzled generations to come, I picked up some other things at Target.  This brings me to the “first times” part of the subject line…

So, I’ve never shaved anything but my legs.  [note: a bit of literary license, I’d never shaved anything before.] That’s a bit of a must, but I’ve never really had any underarm hair, and even though I’ve never had so much “other hair” to call it a vagi-fro or anything, it’s gotten fairly long many times, and so far I had just trimmed things down to a manageable level with bathroom scissors and gone from there.  Anyway, last Friday i decided I’d had enough.  Sick and tired of dealing with the hairy monster down below, so after talking a bit with my friend and mentor Baby Hipster and discussing various hair removal methods, she suggested Nad’s — apparently it’s a non-heated strip or pad that is safe for, and can be used with, more sensitive skin; the box mentioned that it was developed by a mother for her daughter to avoid the heated wax and harsh chemicals that irritated things.

And there you have it.  I plan on trying things out later this afternoon or evening when I am getting ready to shower and go to bed for the night… wish me luck and let’s hope everything goes without incident!

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